Are you planning a vacation in Greece this summer? If so, rib cruising in Lefkada island is the way to go! Despite its diminutive size, the island has a coastline full of picturesque and amazing beaches, many little island around it such as Prigkiponisia, Kastos, Kalamos, Meganisi, Skorpios, Ithaki, Paxoi and of course sunshine and enough boat rental options to please all kinds of cruise-makers. 

Lefkada has not only clear waters, but also it has wrecks and the famous Caves such as Papanikolis Cave, where you can have memorable moments and create unforgettable memories. 


Lefkas or Lefkada (Λευκάδα) lies off the mainland coast of Greece seven miles southwest of the harbour of Preveza at the entrance to the Amvrakikos Golf. It was originally connected to the mainland via a shallow isthmus, but the Corinthians around 600 BC constructed a canal which has ever since divided Lefkas from the Greek mainland. It is now separated by a shallow lagoon and salt marshes varying in width between 600 m and 5 km (2.6 nM).


  • The island is hilly with numerous white cliffs which give it its name: white one.


For travels who love cruising, the harbours and anchorages at or near Nidri, Vassiliki, Meganisi etc – all of them on the East or South coast – represent the island’s chief interest because there many sheltered harbours and anchorages suitable for cruising. Also, there are plenty of picturesque beaches where you can enjoy your excursion totally privately! 

The west coast has also some very attractive beaches and fishing settlements which make is ideal for daily excursions. However, before scheduling a cruise on the west side check out the weather because the sea is wide open there and if it is windy you would better choose to cruise on the other side of the island. It is worth mentioning, that our rib boats (Anemos and Ostria) are very powerful so they are ideal to explore the west side of the island and its “diamonds” such Egremni, Porto Katsiki, Kathisma, Milos, Gialos, Kalamitsi, Avali, Kavalikefta, Megali Petra and many more.


 Neardy Island on the East Side

§  Modra

§  Meganisi

§  Skorpios (a private island)

§  Kastos

§  Kalamos

§  Prigkiponisia



Coast Guard – VHF channel 12

Olympia Radio – VHF channel 03



Most boats approaching the island, unless doing the long sail down the west coast, will be arriving or departing via a canal which opens every half an hour every summer. 


Other Ports

The main harbours on Lefkas are listed clockwise round the island from Lefkada town.


Lefkas Town main port. Lefkas Town offers moorings bows or stern-to using the anchor on a rather busy and crowded town quay or in the 620-berth Lefkas Marina. Shelter is good except in strong E or S winds.

Ligia. The small harbour of Ligia has some space for boats and ribs to visit the numerous tavernas. Shelter is excellent in the prevailing NW winds but less so in strong winds from other directions.


Nikiana’s small harbour has space for around 10-15 yachts bows or stern-to using the anchor. Shelter in the harbour is good in the prevailing winds but less so if there is anything E in the wind.


Nidri lies at the entrance to the gulf of Vlicho Bay and has berths bows or stern-to using the anchor on its busy town quay or on one of a series of six private pontoons. Shelter on the quay is adequate in the prevailing N/NW winds but it becomes uncomfortable if they are very strong.


Vlikho lies at the SW corner of Vlikho Bay and has berths bows or stern-to using the anchor on the town quay or on one of a field of mooring buoys. All berths are administered by the Vliho Yacht Club. Shelter on the quay and jetty is adequate in the prevailing N/NW winds but can become uncomfortable if they are very strong.


Sivotas harbour offers a number of berthing options on its quays, bows or stern-to using the anchor, or on two private taverna pontoons with some laid moorings. Shelter is good in the prevailing N/NW winds, although there are gusts down into the bay, but Sivota is uncomfortable and possibly dangerous in strong S/SE winds.


Vaislliki. The shallow harbour of Vasiliki has berths bows or stern-to using the anchor on its town quay, but has depths in the entrance of only 2.5 – 3.0 metres. Shelter in the harbour is acceptable in the prevailing NW seabreezes (although a chop is experienced), but it could possibly become untenable in very strong NW winds.


Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Lefkas Marina is one of the best and most modern Marinas worldwide.

Vlikho Yacht Club


Vlikho Bay

Tranquil Bay

Ormos Dessimou 38°40.32′N, 20°42.78′E

The bay of Ormos Dessimou is on the E coast of the island, at the root of the long peninsula that encloses the eastern side of Vlicho Bay. It offers good shelter in the prevailing NW winds, but is open S. Anchor close inshore at the NE end of the bay in 5.0 – 8.0 metres. Holding is good in sand and weed. There is a long sandy beach here but also a camper van site at the SW end of the bay, so the anchorage is not a very quiet one. Beach café and small shop ashore.

Ormos Rouda 38°38.16′N, 20°41.82′E Ormos Rouda is a wide bay on the SE coast of the island, a mile or so N of the harbour of Sivota. It offers good shelter in the prevailing NW winds but, like Ormos Dessimou, is open S. The head of the bay is usually buoyed off for swimming in the season and it will be necessary anchor off in depths of 10.0 metres or more. Holding is good in sand and weed. There are tavernas ashore and the village of Poros is up the hill on the E side of the bay.

Check out information about Lefkada beaches at “lefkada beaches” site.