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    Terms & Conditions of Booking, Payment, Cancellation Policy etc.

    Contractual parties in which these terms and conditions may apply are the company under the name “Mare Nostrum P.C. RIB BOAT RENTALS” (short  MNC) and the Client as mentioned in the invoice / contract / rental agreement. MNC is the Owner or Representative of the Owner (Agent) of the vessel to be rented by the client or a person authorised by the latter.

    The rental fee encompasses the use of the vessel and its inventory during the agreed rental period. Included in the rental fee is the delivery and the pickup of the boat to/from the agreed location, which is Lefkas Marine, unless otherwise agreed upon. Obvious mistakes in calculating the charter fee or inadequacies referring to some of the terms in the Contract do not justify exiting from the Contract; rather, corrections may be duly undertaken, based on the current list of fees and the current contractual conditions of MNC. Irregularities in equipment or gear do not authorise the Client to make any deductions – provided safety and operation of the craft as such and functioning equipment are guaranteed.

    Any additional costs like harbor fees, fuel, gas, oil, coach registration fees or all expenditures for measures which are required for the proper operation of the craft during the rental period are not included in the rental fee.

    To confirm the booking of a vessel, a 50% downpayment of the rental fee has to be paid at least immediately after the day of the rental agreement. MNC recommends to make this down payment as soon as possible as no reservations are made until payment arrives on MNC’ accounts.

    The rental fee has to be paid 100% before the vessel leaves the dock the first time or boat is handed over ashore. The client will be liable for any damages made by his mistake.

    All payments made by bank transfer have to be sent including the transfer expenses. MNC keeps the right to deduct any bank charges deducted from the initial charter fee during bank transfer from the deposit.

    MNC is obligated to their customer, the Client to

    a) handover the vessel on the agreed date and venue after full payment of the rental fee in fully seagoing, working and safe condition. All vessels will be carefully checked before handover.

    b) handover the documents of the vessel in copies (registration papers and insurance papers and the rental agrrement)

    c) handover the vessel’s owner’s manual in the English language and be available for any technical questions of the Client at least during normal office hours from 8am to 6pm during the full rental period.

    a) The period of the validity of the Contract can only be changed in agreement with MNC and according to the existing possibilities.

    b) Cancellation by the CLIENT up to eight weeks before the start of the rental period, all payments made will be refunded. Cancellation by the Client up to four weeks before the rental period a 50% cancellation fee of the initial rental fee applies. After this deadline the full amount has to be paid.

    c) If there is a possibility to re-rent the vessel (either in part or in full), 10% of the rental fee will be withheld to cover relevant expenses. The remaining sum will be refunded to the Client by MNC.

    a) If MNC can not supply the vessel or an appropriate replacement and the delay exceeds 24 hours (for rental periods up to 5 days) or 48 hours (for rental periods longer than 6 days), the Client has the right to withdraw from the Contract. In this case payments already made will be refunded to him. No further claims may be raised.

    b) If it is an established fact before the start of the rental period that neither vessel nor replacement will be available on the agreed date, MNC shall be obliged to inform the Client as soon as possible the former knows the facts. In this case both parties may withdraw from the Contract before the assumed start of the rental period. Payments made by the Client will be refunded as above. No further claims may be raised.

    a) MNC is obliged to hand over a fully working vessel. Client may request a trial trip before accepting the vessel. Possible defects, damages or missing parts of gear and/or equipment must be reported to MNC upon handover or immediately upon handover of the vessel, otherwise it is assumed that the Client has received the vessel in a fully working and operating condition.

    b) MNC may hand over the vessel also by informing the Client of the location of the vessel and it’s documents and keys in case no representative of MNC is available at the venue.

    c) The Client may refuse check-in if safety standards do not comply with national rules and regulations or if hull, bonding deck to hull, steering gear or engine are damaged to such an extent that safety of both ship and crew can no longer be guaranteed.

    d) MNC may refuse to hand over the vessel if

    • the fee and/or the deposit have not been fully paid
    • no license or a license not valid for the rented vessel may be provided by Client
    • during process of check-in or during a trial trip it turns out, that the Skipper does not have the required qualitfication for this job.

    e) The vessel is handed over generally with full fuel in the tanks, but the cost IS NOT INCLUDED in the rental fee. Client may purchase for extra cost when signing the rental contract the first refill of the tank and may leave the tank empty at end of the Rental Period OR he can get the boat with full tanks and refill it on his own expenses upon return.

    a) A Third Party Liability Insurance  is included in the rental price.

    b) It is expressly stipulated that in case of negligence or deliberate act the liability of the Charterer is not limited and the Client may be forced to pay the full sum of the damage.

    a) The Clinet agrees to navigate the craft with special consideration of good seamanship and careful observation of all legal regulations and provisions as applicable.

    b) The Client or the Skipper nominated by the Charterer are committed

    • Not to accept more than the maximum number of persons permitted on board
    • Not to be towed or rescued by other crafts except in cases of emergency. The Skipper has to establish contact with the skipper of the other vessel and come to an agreement about costs of towing or other rescue operations before help is accepted.
    • Not to let the engine run unnecessarily
    • To leave a protected harbor only if the principles of good seamanship allow this
    • To check the vessel every day before leaving the harbor on its seagoing capabilities
    • To moore the boat appropriate when in the harbor (at least one line in front and at the back)
    • Not to smoke, drink or take drugs while on board the chartered vessel
    • To operate the vessel only maximum 10 miles offshore and within the national waters of the port of handover.
    • Not to operate the vessel during night hours as no navigation lights are on board
    • Not to lay anchors, chains or any other fixation device of marks, buoys,… unsecured on the gelcoat of the deck.
    • Not to make any permanent modifications (like drilling holes, removing parts) to the tube, engine, hull and fittings.
    • To remove all ducktape, personal advertising stickers or writing from engine cover, console and any other part of the boat. To fail to do so results in an additional cleaning fee of 25,- (twentyfive) Euro minimum.
    • Not to put any personal advertising stickers over stickers and branding applied on the boat by MNC.

    a) If there is a damage on the vessel due to material wear during rental period, the Client shall inform MNC as soon as possible on the damage to avoid further damaging of the vessel. MNC may ask the Client to purchase spare parts or make the vessel available for any repairs or replacements. MNC will replace any cost to the Charterer if he/she may proof purchase with original bill and the amount did not exceed 200 (two hundred) Euro. This sum will be refunded at the end of the rental period. Parts that had to be exchanged are not to be disposed of! If the vessel has to stay in port because of repairs, the Client is not entitled to raise any claims if the delay does not exceed 24 hours (up to 5 days rental period) or 48 hours (for rental periods more than 6 days).

    b) In case of major sea damage or accident, possible delay or loss of maneuverability of the vessel, MNC has to b e informed at once. The Client has to undertake everything in his power to reduce the effects as well as to avoid consequential damage. In agreement with MNC the Client has to organise the necessary repair work, to document all the facts, to monitor the repair work and to negotiate price and payment. Moreover, the Client is obliged to keep a record of the details of the damage and -provided there are claims of third parties and/or the damage is expected to be higher than the deposit- to have all the data confirmed by the relevant authorities.

    c) Theft of the vessel or part of the gear has to be reported to the nearest police precinct, otherwise insurance may refuse payment and Client will be held responsible.

    d) Client shall be responsible for and shall replace or pay for any damage to the vessel, fittings, equipment and engine caused in whole or part by himself or any member of his party. This includes the leaving behind of garbage or possessions, and lost or damaged equipment or lines. The vessel shall be surrendered free of any indebtedness that may have incurred on the account of the Client for any reasons.

    e) The Client is responsible that all persons operating the vessel hold a valid licence to operate such kind of vessel in the certain area. The Client is obligated to hold his licence all the time available at least in copy for any checks through a MNC representative or local authorities.

    a) Client is responsible for returning the rib to the location (or a location nearby) before sunset on the last day of rental period. The Client shall leave the key and documents of the boat inside to a representative of MNC who will be at agreed venue.

    b) Any damages or lost equipment shall be reported immediately to MNC during returning the rib. A list with prices of equipment on board and standard reparations (lifelines, backrests,…) is available at MNC on request.

    c) The vessel has to be free of any trash and excessive dirt. Cleaning is included in the charter fee, but disposal of excessive dirt like old bread & fruits inside the hatches, bigger amount of plastic bottles and bags is not part of this and a fee or 25 (twenty-five) Euro will be charged. This fee will NOT be reimbursed by any potential deposit insurance!

    d) The Client should have paid all relevant fees for docking, mooring or registration even he leaves the venue earlier until the last day of the rental period.

    e) Any claims for damages raised by the Client against MNC must be put down in writing immediately after check-out of the vessel and contain pertinent explanations. Claims raised later cannot be considered.

    All disputes between Client and MNC have to be settled directly between these two. If arbitration or court proceedings are required, the place of jurisdiction is Lefkada, Greece. For any disputes between the Client and MNC, Greek Law shall apply.

    Client recognizes and accepts the risk that is inherent in any boating activity and expressly agrees to indemnify and hold MNC, its agents, members and contractors harmless from any damages, injury or loss of life resulting from the use of the vessel or any of the facilities offered. [printfriendly]

    If parts of the contract are null and void or invalid, the other parts retain their validity. The signers reserve the right to correct mistakes, misprints or errors in calculating.

    Any agreements not contained in the Contract, oral promises or changes have to be confirmed in writing.

    The Client agrees, that pictures taken from him/her during operating the chartered vessel may be used for advertising purpose of MNC.

    By signing the Rental Contract the Client affirms, that he has read the General Terms and Conditions and agrees to the content. [printfriendly]